Sunday, 16 November 2008


we had a project to make some work 12x12cm referring to the word 'cover'. My two pieces are called 'un cover' and 'bed cover'. i only had two days to make them so they are not perfect, but i am pretty happy with the result. i like the figurative use of textiles, inspired a lot recently by the book becky lent me called, 'asafo! african flags of the fante'.

all i want to do is draw with thread at the moment. i want to make more dolls in the coming weeks. little friends for people. some stamped fabrics and sewn. maybe a mixture of animals and humans, but not too obvious.

the other image is from my fold out book that i am making. when it is finished i will photograph it and put in on here. it is about the travels of marco polo from childhood to adulthood. it is a bit silly. i am not sure if i like the watercolour, it is a bit uptight maybe. i like the looseness of images with more space around them. i have been drawing in a big sketchbook and the space is liberating. maybe i need to incorperate more scale into the book next time. more cropping, copuing and cutting... hmmm

Sunday, 9 November 2008

horses and clouds

i have been quite productive this week, making horses and sending clouds and rain back to australia. i am pleased with how things are going. there is a nice connection developing between the sewn work and the works on paper. three-dimensionality is slowly taking form.