Thursday, 26 November 2009

painting europe

i've been trying to get some work done today, but i have given up now. it is such a nice day and its been a bit all over the place.

i have been noticing lots of old buildings in melbourne and trying to order my head. i feel like i have so much imagery stuck behind a dam wall and not enough time!however  i have been painting some little things. it feels easier and safer to start small. adam and eden gave me some great little canvases that i have been painting some images from my travel journal. i wouldn't usually post up an unfinished painting, but i felt compelled to... but just be aware it is unfinished! (the third image.)

also at the top of this post is some old paintings that are in the insync surveys office in william street, melbourne. it was nice to revist these this morning. i had forgotten about the fish one... not sure if it is my favorite, but its good to see where i once was. (note... they wanted a fish themed painting... its a bit different for me!)


the printmaker gallery where i started out selling work has just launched a website.... anyway it got me to thinking that i might put all the links on here so you can check out my prints for yourselves. enjoy!

these are all lovely galleries so if you are in melbourne sometime you should check them out.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

back in the melbourne studio

so here we are back in the studio pottering around and around. i had to start something so i have started making little quilts and cushions in these very english country home colours... nostalgia! i would like to sell them at a little open studio that we are planning. i will keep you all posted about it.

i've included some photos of my studio getting all set up again. how lovely it is to have a space of my own again and space full stop. it take three steps from one wall to the other! very lovely! it was all rainy today and with the door open it was like looking out into magic.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

scanners, online books and progress

so with a bit of gentle persuasion i got the scanner up and running again. it chugs like a steam train but the quality was better than the one that my parents have in the office. it is like an old friend with a cough. anyway, tom flintham taught me about issuu and i have been beavering away and getting my travel journal up and on line so that you can flick through it at your hearts desire. it is a bit botched, but hopefully you will be too engrossed in the images to notice my shoddy in design skills (you have to start somewhere!)


Monday, 16 November 2009

trying to start again

back in the studio in melbourne, garage studio. nothing works, the scanner, the printer, the internet. i feel a bit lost but with a million ideas... so i am sorry, there are no good pictures to go with this post (the camera is out of battery too, so i have snapped some journal pages on the photo booth thingy). finding ones feet after being away so long is hard, but we'll get there. one day at a time. once i can work ut all the technologies i want to scan all of my journal and make it into an online book... be patient ok!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

coming home

i've just been travelling around europe and i feel inspired and ready to launch into making again. it will be great to get a proper studio when i get back to melbourne. if anyone knows of any going please let me know! there needs to be space enough for an etching press...

i haven't got any images of my work of late, due to lack of access to scanner, but i will give you a taster of things that have inspired me on my travels. don't fret i will be back soon properly!