Monday, 22 March 2010

fine quality gentleman

a new illustration for today. i might try and make one a week. i think i am nostalgic for london.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


i made this napkin for the thread den/ next wave project. i really enjoyed making this piece. i used some not so great screenprints of the houses and then i embroidered some flags into the windows and edged the napkin with left over strips of fabric. i thought the backing fabric was great beacuse it is like  picnic napkin fabric. i found this in the bottom of my material box... had forgotten about it! 

now i need to get back to work again... see you x

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

pieces for wales

here are some pieces that i will shortly sending to wales for a book arts exhibition that they hold annually there. i think i already mentioned it. anyway, i have been enjoying making some small textile pieces and thinking about letters and book shops and books. the next set of pieces i will make are some collages on paper with book page layouts. at the moment i am carving another stamp. this time of the same bookshops, i wanted to see what it looked like in rubber as opposed to screen printed.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

mum's quilt

this is what i made for my mum's birthday.

hello atticus

this is atticus. he is my new little friend. he is in the studio with me today being a very good boy. i made him this little red bed and he loves. he has been exploring everywhere and then is exhausted and loves cuddles.

the houses are a piece i am finishing in a tin to send to wales.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

we make great things

some of you might not be aware that aine cassidy and i have another blog called we make great things. we've gone a bit black and white crazy. actually maybe i have gone black and white crazy and aine isn't! anyway, i wanted to share these images with you to show some developing narrative ideas. i want to somehow string these images together with a story. any thoughts are welcome. the lilies are probably not included, but maybe i will integrate them in the next picture!


i have been making work for the art shop in wales this week. i do not have much time to finish them all, but it is good for me to have such a short dead line. i printed my stencil cut screen images which worked to a degree... i have learnt a lot through the process, but i need to start again really and make them better. luckilly i stitched lots of things over dodgey areas.

the colour chart is up on the wall in my studio. i made it when i did a botanical drawing class with andrew seward. i often refer to it to make or match a colour.

today is cold so i am listening to brahms. i loooove brahms. it's so dramatic!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

stencils and sneaky view of show


the show opens tonight. i thought i would give you a sneaky preview, maybe to convince you to get on down to see it and share in some vino blanco. also here is some pictures of the studio. i made a little box from an old book to house some bits and bobs, i found some great old post cards in some books that mum's friend gave me. the bull and the eyes are from one of the books. the huevos rancheros is a purely over indulgent photo to show off my new spanish dishes bought at chef's hat in south melbourne. i was trying to recreate a dish that i had with jess on the weekend at innocent bystander. yum.

the stencil is done now and so is the cycling man. i now need to go and buy some laquer thinners to apply them. i am putting it off because i hate stinky messy chemicals. i should have bought the orange film... too late, it's all cut now!