Wednesday, 30 June 2010

studio love

It has been a big week and weekend. there is a lot going on at the moment... mostly fun things really. i have been doing lots of driving lately. a weekend down in Somers for a wonderful dinner party at a friend's house. we went for a soggy beach walk and i visited Pamela who wowed me with her scarf eco-printed with eucalyptus cinerea! The reddest red i have ever seen!

The explorer you see here is a quick snap of the etching plate with a fantastic aquatint thanks to Jennifer's wonderful studio in Red Hill.

The top pics are my studio and the one's below 'Melbourne' are of Laura's studio... I hope you don't mind Laura! I went to Laura's studio on the weekend too for a little craft day. I was mostly in awe of all the beautiful things to look at.

free brains exhibition

I'm in this group exhibition free brains at sjs gallery, fitzroy. The opening night is on friday 9th july 7pm but unfortunately I will be in Tasmania... but you should go along! I have three sewn collages that are beautifully framed by the guys at Grate Designs in Elsternwick.

SJS Gallery, 120 Alexandra Pde, Fitzroy. It's at the corner of alexandra pde and young st. next to the fitzroy pool. The exhibition runs from the 6th of July to the 17th of July 2010

Monday, 21 June 2010

published printed kanthed and quilted

So this last week has been one for finishing projects and beginning some others. Mainly finishing though! An exciting thing was to find the Melbourne University magazine in the post (being a VCA graduate) and my illustration for this article. 

The print is one that I finished the edition of last week. It is called "Dreaming Riverside" and is available at Port Jackson Press and the Printmaker gallery for now. 

The quilt is finally finished... I showed it to you in the previous post but here it is with its lovely Liberty fabric binding. 

The embroidery is something that I am starting on a piece of dyed silk. I could embroider all day if I could.... sigh...

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

quilt dreamer

Someone found a nice home in my quilt the other evening as I finished quilting this project that has been a long time in the making. now i only need to add the binding. Oh and here is my glass bottle collection... slowly growing over the years.

It is so cold in the studio today and i am working on some light related ideas. Thoughts of light is warming. xx

Friday, 11 June 2010

Port Fairy and a Teapot

Mum and I drove to Port Fairy yesterday. Beautiful country-side with rusted tin sheds, half fallen fences and windmills, tall gum trees and sheets of rain thwacking the road as we drove. It's about 4 1/4 hours away but we stopped in lots of lovely little towns along the way. We stayed in a little room which was lovely and quiet. This morning I found this adorable teapot. Believe it or not I do not own a teapot that is big enough for more than one person. So here he is. The spout is slightly too narrow, but I am going for style over function here. Back to work now...

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Art Shop in Abergavenny

here's the link to the invitation to a show in wales that i am in.

click here


Tasmania and Quilts

I was in Tasmania on the weekend. Can't say why yet, but my friend and collaborator Aden and I spent lots of time in and around Salamanca and Sullivan's cove. It was beautiful there but so cold. Lucky I found a japara for $15 in the oppy! So many great opp-shops down there! I didn't capture the beauty of Tas in these pictures, but I will be heading back again in a few weeks.

I came home to a lovely warm house in Melbourne and little A who is particularly snugly this time of year! The fabric was acquired for a friend's commissioned baby quilt. It was hard to choose but after being in Tasmania I decided to reference the lush greens and little St. Ives-esque villages, country cottage feel. The boat/cottage fabric is a liberty and the others compliment well to make it lovely and fresh looking.