Wednesday, 9 December 2009

old things swimming about

revisiting an older image from two years ago now. this was something i was doing before i left for london. i have been digging up old things and looking at them again.

i've also started to map out my 'cyling the clouds' book.... some sneak peaks coming soon.

Monday, 7 December 2009

painting and sewing

here are some finished projects. one is a painting that i have had in my head for months now, finally out on canvas. i think it works well. i like the colours. it is so nice to get back into oil paints.

the other project is my kitchen quilt, now finished with its matching cushions. i am practicing goosdsewing (no cutting corners) for when i start printing my own designs and want to sew them up into things to sell. i think i will try to sell these pieces at an open studio i am preparing for, maybe some time early next year.

mansfield natural dye workshop

last week was a very special week for me. i went to mansfield with a couple of friends and participated in india flint's landskin felting and natural dye workshop. here are some snaps from the journey. it was so good for my soul and a lovely way to integrate back into living in melbourne. it has been a bit of a culture shock coming back from london, but going out to the country with creative people reminded me of why i love this country!