Tuesday, 31 March 2009

recent works

here is some new work that is in progress and some finished books that i made for the bristol book fair this weekend. the panel is a very bad photo... i apologise, but i just wanted to get it up on the blog to give it some breathing space. i have felt pretty anxious about it recently, but i think that the new blue stitching is tying it together, gives the eye direction. the faces and details are no where near finishe, the figures are just backgrounds a this stage. it is doing my head in working with textiles from back to front, but it is teaching me a lot about making in different mediums. it informs my prints and drawings and vice versa.

i have been drawing out elements of this panel to plan the narrative and and details. i think it is coming along. it might need some more cutting up along the way to realise it well... i'll keep you posted.

the books are all made from off cuts of my prints. i am really happy with them. they are not perfect, but not intended to be, so that i can sell them for a reasonable price. i love the brown/gold silk buckram that i got from faulkners. it makes the books feel so complete. i have made some slip off tracing paper labels with my own pretend branding 'a is for artist book'. my brother likes it, he's a designer so i appreciate his admiration!

the circle book is now finished too, with its cover. i am really pleased with it. there is a pair to it without the arches. the two of them will make nice centre pieces at the fair i think.

the illustration is one i made of a sassy bull fighting lady called conchita that i found in the newspaper. i really like the drawing qualities, rediscovering watercolour and pencils. i would like to make more illustrations/drawings like this. i am going back to drawing more, putting photoshop away!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

rhubarb leaves

here's a little experiment with making a drawing on white paper and then scanning it in dropping out the background and placing it on one that is more interesting. it is the beginning of something i think. i would like to do lots of food illustrations... but they will need to be more interesting than this one, but it's a start.

Monday, 9 March 2009

feeding the horse

a new illustration using older prints and fabric collage. i have been using the computer software like its a cutting mat, slicing and glueing. no buckling glue though!

i originally had a different image, but i overloaded the computer and it crashed so i remade it. but sometimes its better to do that anyway because your compositions are more considered.

actually you can see where i stole bits of this image from...

Sunday, 8 March 2009

play room exhibition

we are having a show at dreamspace gallery in shoreditch. visit our blog for the show www.playroomillustration.blogspot.com...