Tuesday, 31 August 2010

baby quilt, lamp shades and Hobart again

I can finally blog about the quilt I made for my friend's friend's new baby which is due any minute. The family is based in Tasmania so I wanted to make the quilt really fresh and green. I also wanted to reference the lovely houses in Tasmania that feel very English. I used my favorite Liberty print of the houses and boats to evoke this.
The lampshade is a self indulgent endeavor for our bedroom. On one side there is the cycling man and on the other the city. They look great with the lights on at night. I'd love to do a long artwork for above the bed on the little man cycling through the hills... one day.
Here are some other projects that I made as birthday presents for some lovely friends of mine.
And finally... I was back in Hobart last week. The snow clouds were ever present on the mountain. Very beautiful from the wharves.


Monday, 16 August 2010

teacher lizzie

I am teaching a class at Amitie in October! I will be teaching textile collage, encouraging students to create unique artworks that reflect their own themes and aesthetic. Very exciting! Check out the website for details. x

Sunday, 15 August 2010

new paintings almost finished

Here are some photos of my almost finished paintings. There is one more smaller one that needs a bit more work before I can add it to the collection. I am loving painting buildings, it satisfies my inner architect and stylist. It also takes me back to walking down Italian and Spanish streets. Sigh...

Thursday, 12 August 2010

new painting

I finally got up the courage to start painting again... it has taken me all year, but for some reason I got into the studio today feeling really inspired to get stuck into them. It is probably spurred on by ordering new stretchers for a commission. This painting started out as a European based painting, but now I am interested in creating a more Australian feel. You can't see it so well in this image, but Captain Cook and his men are scratched in the clouds and the mountains of Hobart appear in the background. I have two more paintings on the go and I think I have worked out how to resolve my etchings...!!

loose joints

A poster i made recently for Loose Joints....

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

goings on diary

It has been a crazy little old month since I last posted. I can't believe it have been so long...
So I can talk about what I have been up to now! Aden Narkowicz and I have been commissioned to create interactive artistic content for an external lighting structure at the Princes Wharf development site in Hobart. It is pretty exciting! More to come soon...

Aden and I were also lucky enough to get a residency at the art school in Hobart, which is perfectly located across the way from the site of the project.
This is our incredible studio.
And the deserted bus ride into Hobart from the mountain.
It's nice to be back in Melbourne at the moment and working on the project from here as well as my own work and hanging out with pupski (as featured with his mates in Warrandyte.) I have been working on some new sewn collages that I started down in Hobart. I am looking at Wardian cases and filing them with strange objects like paper planes and clouds. I like that idea that settlers not only brought plants over to Australia in these portable glass houses, they also brought ideals and ways of thinking.
These are just works in progress.

I have decided to revisit this painting too. I need to finish it! I like the black but my thoughts are that I might paint over it in a soft greeny white... any thoughts?