Monday, 15 September 2008

here begins

it is monday. the sky is back to being grey. i don't mind it. everyone says i will get sick of greyness, but for now, i like it. it spreads out above the chimney pots and roofs that line the skyline outside my window.

i started drawing at my desk today. i just moved here two weeks ago and have set up my little desk as a workspace. it can be a computer table, a sewing table, a painting table. it is very versatile. i bought some paper and scissors today, some fabric and and some string, so now i am set to make make make.

i discovered louise bourgeois' fabric books in a book i borrowed from the library the other day. i had already started making my own fabric post cards, books and dolls before i saw them, but bourgeois' books are inspiring. they are simple and evocative. I have bought calicoes and linen-like fabrics to model my creations out of. i have yet to find a good fabric supplier in london, but will make do with my few purchases from today.

we begin...


Blake said...

nice making. that's a fine building there, you should put it together and post it (it looks highly "post"-able).

Gary Cherrington said...

Hi, you may have already found them but there are a few good fabric shops just off wardour street, soho. Great work by the way.