Wednesday, 7 January 2009

searching for invisible cities

finally i have come to the end of a long haul with a piece that i've been working on for a while. i have been trying to realise a two-dimensional piece in the style that i would like to make my three dimensional book that i am working towards for my masters project.

i am mostly happy with the outcome. the colours work well together, but if anything, i would take more care is the placement of images next time, and the use of space. however, i have learnt from this project and now i can be more conscious of it in the work to come.

now i am going to have a break from this kind of work (it is very labour intensive and all consuming...) and i am going to focus on some more commercial illustrations. i want to create a series of food-based images. i will let you know how it goes.

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Love Honor Disobey said...

I saw one of your pieces at the Camberwell student show...I was there for the MA Illustration open day. It was the one, similar to this one, but was inside a paper envelope that was opened up. It had etchings of a house and a coffee cup etc. I loved it! I stared at it for ages, then kept going back again and again to look at it. I really really love your textile illustrations, they are such little treasures. You should post a pic of the one you had in the student show!