Wednesday, 25 February 2009

the sea and self promotion

i've been working with my collage bank... and here are some creations. i am quite happy with their direction. the colour palette is working well and the compositions are not too busy. i have been considering how the sewn work and the works on paper relate. it feels right to bring them together in this way with the photographic elements integrated in with them. i have been struggling to work out how to use the photographs of the sewn work that i have archived, but now i think they are really working in combination with the etchings etc. they become lovely textured backgrounds that you go to touch, but then realise that they aren't really real. a bit of trickery!

we went to fleet foxes last night and i was very impressed with the lighting. blake wizzed the camera around and it looked like stitches on black fabric. impressive.

i put in some pictures of my sewn book. it is a practice book for my big panel that i am making, where i try fabrics and ideas together. it is becoming a beautiful work of art on its own. funny how the off shoots become more interesting. also there is a picture of a quilt block laid out ready to piece together in a spare moment... not sure when that will be. at least it is ready to go.

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