Friday, 6 February 2009


the snow has kept me indoors this week and so i have been finishing things and starting others. i bought some tins from a second hand shop the other day and i am creating little worlds inside them. i like the little faces who look like they are on a bus with the rain flying horizontally past... at least that is what i was thinking about when i made it. neither of the tins are finished, but i thought i'd air them on the blog to see what you thought of them. i am envisaging some pop-up elements in them... maybe some collapsible waves and buildings, and boats. i want the narrative to flow across the collection of 'souvenirs'.

the other piece here is a book that i have been making of prints... so far it is working well... i just need to consider a cover and maybe some more detailing. i'm happy with the colour palette.


Aine Cassidy said...

your souvenirs are so charming

Aine Cassidy said...

the souvenirs are so charming