Sunday, 26 April 2009

sneak peek

so here is some of 'the panel' or 'the journey panel'... it doesn't really have a name yet, i just refer to it as 'the panel' for now. it doesn't photograph so well with our bad flat lighting and evil flash. i would like to get it up on the wall and photograph it with good lights, but for now it shows where i am at.

i have split the panel into sections. only parts of two of the panels are shown here. the beginning of the journey with the two figures waving goodbye to the journeyers and then the journey section of the panel (with some details to show you the faces). it is still in progress, there is plenty more stitching to be done, (i have holes in my fingers!) but it is feeling more whole now and not just an idea in my head. the planning for this piece has existed as small sketches, big cut-outs, photoshoped images and colour swatches. it has been fun and frustrating trying to collect the right textures and fabrics. the best find was a pillow case in an op-shop in angel that had advertisements from an old newspaper printed on it. it was the 'to let' section of the paper, so all the words were to do with houses and london etc. you will find parts of it in all my work...

the biggest break through with this piece was being introduced to monoprinting onto textiles. i think it has been the most sucessful and organic transition from working with paper to working with textiles. Being able to integrate print and drawing into the work has allowed me to make the textiles unique to my hand. i plan to do more monprinting this week to achieve the final charaters for the piece.

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