Tuesday, 30 June 2009

begin end

blake helped me hang my work this morning for the final show. it is looking good. after a few hitches i think we got it to look pretty nice.

antonia (who is over from home at the moment) and i did some eco-printing and dyeing last night. we used onion skins that i had collected and leaves from a red leaved tree. (i can't remember the name), rose leaves, some yellow flowers etc. the finished results are amazing. deep golden oranges and purple with subtle yellows and greens. i think i will use them to make some new embroidery work, but now i can feel myself getting precious about them and i don't want to cut them up. i can always make more though!

now i will update my website... at least try to!

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straight from the den said...

good luck, hope you all have a great time at the opening! best to all the other bologna-ers too xx