Wednesday, 15 July 2009

heavy rain pit pat sleeping house

the final show was last night and went really well. i am exhausted today and feel like i could sleep for an eternity! it's strange though how you finish and your mind becomes a blank canvas and then you start to fill up your head with new ideas for new images.

i look at my work up on the wall and i wonder why i ended up on this really different road and it feels good, but so different to what i thought i would have done. i want to get back to paper again and oil paint (when i get back to australia).

i think my next project will be a series of prints and collages based on my experiences here. these little windows made from the hand-dyed silks will be the basis for the project. the colours and shapes. i want to do some lovely fine hard ground etchings and incorporate lots of details and moments. i also want to work on the cycling cloud book. i am going to sit down with a sketchbook next week and just play.

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straight from the den said...

sounds like you had a good evening and judging by comments it was very well received, well done!
nice to see pictures of the work in situ too.