Thursday, 26 November 2009

painting europe

i've been trying to get some work done today, but i have given up now. it is such a nice day and its been a bit all over the place.

i have been noticing lots of old buildings in melbourne and trying to order my head. i feel like i have so much imagery stuck behind a dam wall and not enough time!however  i have been painting some little things. it feels easier and safer to start small. adam and eden gave me some great little canvases that i have been painting some images from my travel journal. i wouldn't usually post up an unfinished painting, but i felt compelled to... but just be aware it is unfinished! (the third image.)

also at the top of this post is some old paintings that are in the insync surveys office in william street, melbourne. it was nice to revist these this morning. i had forgotten about the fish one... not sure if it is my favorite, but its good to see where i once was. (note... they wanted a fish themed painting... its a bit different for me!)

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