Monday, 21 June 2010

published printed kanthed and quilted

So this last week has been one for finishing projects and beginning some others. Mainly finishing though! An exciting thing was to find the Melbourne University magazine in the post (being a VCA graduate) and my illustration for this article. 

The print is one that I finished the edition of last week. It is called "Dreaming Riverside" and is available at Port Jackson Press and the Printmaker gallery for now. 

The quilt is finally finished... I showed it to you in the previous post but here it is with its lovely Liberty fabric binding. 

The embroidery is something that I am starting on a piece of dyed silk. I could embroider all day if I could.... sigh...


straight from the den said...

lovely box of delights!

Aine Cassidy said...

Well done Lizzie - I'm super impressed :)