Friday, 17 June 2011

Houses + New Prints + Paintings at Klopper

Not some of the best photography but you get the gist! I have some paintings in a lovely shop called Klopper in the South Melbourne market. They are very well housed amoungst the beautiful items. They are well prices and surrounded by yummy food stalls. Go and have peek.

The prints are some new images that I am working on. These are proofs. So far I am happy. i have been trying out some new water based inks. I of course forgot this fact when I went to paste the rice paper onto my plate with water/rice glue. It bled everywhere, even onto my very expensive etching blanket. I was very sad. I was rewarded after with the big big print (the last image here) it is well etched and I feel ready to edition it (with the oil based inks!)


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