Monday, 24 October 2011

Outside - In and other things

It has been a really busy few weeks in the studios. I have been working on things for our exhibition Outside - In which opened in the Chapel on Thursday night and runs until this Friday. I have taken some dodgy snaps of my work in the show on my phone as I ran out the door this evening. You get the idea at least. We'll be photographing it all properly tomorrow.

I resumed work on the illustration job that I am doing at the moment, a timeline of the 20th Century as placemats. These guys below are the winter Olympians from 1922.

The studio has been really colourful lately with my paintings and Noella's beautiful creations. I am loving all the yellow. The crazy storms of late have been keeping me mesmerised. I love clouds. There have been some really beautiful ones.

I've been thinking of my dear friend Pamela who passed away earlier this year, because the poppy seeds that she gave me have finally grown and a hugeeee poppy opened its head this morning. It made me really happy and really sad all at once.

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Kim said...

You have such beautiful work, Elizabeth. Collage really interests me now, it just adds a new element to a picture that makes it almost 3D.What do you find are the best products for gluing?Do you have to paint a product over the top ?Sorry for all the questions, I am at TAFE doing art.
Have a lovely exhibition.