Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tying the knot

So I have kept these quiet for a while as I relished in the wonderful memory of our beautiful wedding at the Boyd Baker house in May, but after lots of begging from friends here is a sneak peek. It was very have to choose a select few photos because there were so many lovely ones. I have focused on images that showed some of the things I made for the wedding - the signs, ceramics, and quilted hearts and tea cosys. Kate James created the gorgeous bouquets and button holes and Noella Thomson made my dress. All these beautiful photos were taken by Louisa Bailey who was amazing! Blake and I had the best day ever and have so many special friends and our families to thank for the best day of our lives. x

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Tanja said...

congratulations! so lovely to see all the touches you brought to the day. you look absolutely gorgeous, and it seems like a very natural, happy day. well done for treasuring and sharing the photographs, too, I admire that!