Sunday, 12 October 2008

the doll's progress and other things

another weekend of making. i can't say i feel that happy about the results, but i have to remember that it is still early days. my friend Antonia suggested that i try making a house of cards out of the fabric postcards. I think this is a marvelous idea. I had kept thinking of how to make them like a house or into square rooms, but it hadn't occurred to me to try it in this way. i would like to make a whole lot of them... so i have a bit of work to do. they are easy to make though so if i make a couple every few days i should have quite a lot in no time.

i finished the doll. i am pleased withher and can see a whole family of dolls being made soon. she is the perfect size, a very holdable size. i would like to draw her as herself and in different contexts.

i have started making a mind map of Calvino's invisible cities to draw ideas from. i want to start making a fabric/drawn book that folds out into a 3-d soft sculpture of the cities. i found in a crafts magazine
(issue 213 july/august 2008) the cut out books of Su Blackwell. there is one that has a little light in the house. this is the kind of thing i would like to do with my cities. Calvino often talks about light, so i think it is an important element to be included in the work.

i finished making a big book of paper scraps that i had accumulated from making drawings and prints over the last few years. it has become my 'invisible cities' book where i have started making some drawings in response to Calvino's images of cities, but also of my own experience of london.

i am making some drawings of 'things'. my first one is 'the kings kitchen'. it started as an observational drawing of the kitchen in the brighton pavillion. i want to make a series of drawings of different subject matter. i will post them up as i make them.

if you have any ideas please comment in the little comment section. x

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Anonymous said...

eliz - i love the fabric postcards. i can imagine a whole postcard book of them - a thick wad bound with string.