Monday, 6 October 2008

a dolls head... or... the start of something

these are a doll head that i am making. i have attached tears and animals and a tree branch to threads that are coming from her eye. she is weeping motifs that are a part of her. i have been thinking of this kind of image and thought it would work well in fabric and thread, so here it is, half made. once i buy some stuffing i will be able to finish a body. i am envisaging her holding a little basket or bowl that the objects will be held in. she will be sitting.
so, what lead me to making this... well i was thinking of calvin's 'invisible cities' and how a city is made up of motifs and how many cities are made of similar motifs. when i think of a city i remember the streets, the steeples, the doorways, the canals, the archways, the aqueducts. so i thought about what makes up a person... their memories and things that they hold dear. so i scanned all the images around me and cut out the special parts, like the antelope, the bird, a tree branch and rain drops or the catharsis of tears. it is not meant to be sad, it is more of a portrait with a melancholic touch.
i like the way the doll has naive features, probably influenced by the drawings of old toys that we did in our illustration group today.
my ideas are still all over the place generally, but it feels good to have started making something even if right now it feels slightly indulgent and irrelevant...!

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