Monday, 18 May 2009

endings beginnings middles and going a bit crazy

well... it's been a strange day in the studio/house. i started off trying to do some drawings, avoiding the panel at all costs... i tried to make some drawings for mock up book covers and i wondered what i was really doing it for.... to prove something? to make something more interesting than that which already exists? i found that my result was bland and disappointing so i temporarilly abandoned it and turned back to the panel.

blake and i stood over it for a good 20 minutes and we decided that the large panel with all the craziness was not working so i removed it and suddenly the narrative worked better. it was the first panel i made and since making it i had refined my approach to sewing and composition. i also think that i will mix drawings/watercolours with the sewing to make the project richer and more open. it works better. i just need a space to show it all now...

its funny how your original drawings change and grow through the process of making. so at the end of the day i feel a lot better. a glass of vino in hand... i am a happy chicken.

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straight from the den said...

like the sketches for this!