Tuesday, 19 May 2009


so after a long haul, i have finished the panels... the sewing bit, now it is time to take the photographs in the computer and come up with a concertina book of the narrative. i have mocked up the book with copier paper and i will sketch out where it will all sit.

did i mention that i have decided that the crazy journey panel 'par avion' is not going to be in the final long narrative. it is lovely on its own and does not have the strong graphic elements of the panels that came after it (like the one here of the man leaving the island being pushed by the rain). i still feel unsure about them as a whole still, but it has been a worthwhile and mad exercise.

i am now back to working on paper, watercolours and collage with paper. it feels good and fresh. i miss etching a lot too... maybe i will try to dedicate one day a week to the print studio again. a printmaker is never happy until she has ink all over her hands again.

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Jenny Capon said...

woo hoo!
well done you.