Thursday, 28 May 2009

travelling together and cycling the clouds

so i have had an unproductive day... or rather an administrative day. i guess these days need to exist to get along with your work.

the little boat people are travelling along nicely in my illustrated concertina book so i thought i would show you how things were taking shape. this page feels the most finished to me. there are still gaps but i think this weekend i could possibly knock it all over. (well it has to be that way, there is no time really).

i have made up a mock-book of the concertina book with the right stock paper to get a sense of the scale, weight and size. i highly recommend this process for anyone embarking on a similar endeavor, you can't imagine how the book will look and feel otherwise.

the cycling man is a development from the previous drawings. i like his pink clouds and the bath contraption that he stirs up the rain in. i have named him monsieur millimeter and i plan to develop him after the course is finished, until then all i can think about is my folio and the panel!

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straight from the den said...

monsieur millimeter! rain peddling is nice.