Saturday, 23 May 2009

cloud books and cycling

today has been one of those quiet days to oneself at one's desk. i have been riding the high seas of my work, listening to the ebbs and flows of it and being washed away by the magic of the medium of watercolour and collage.

i have been struggling to make the concertina book work, so i have taken time out to make these watercolours. i feel like i have been whisked off on another path already, leaving the panel behind to fend for itself... i feel a bit guilty, but i am loving the cloud books. the cloud books are pop-up books that fold out the clouds and the sea. if you agitate the fold the clouds dance. it's magical.

the cycling man is a character design in its early stages of a story that is bubbling up in my head. i will reveal more as i develop him and his story.

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