Sunday, 14 June 2009

p r o g r e s s

so it's been a big week and although things look calm on the outside, i am feeling a little freaked out on the inside. i just wrote a list of all the things i have to do and my heart has dropped. so much to do and so little time. it will get done... somehow. i have three days coming up of uninterrupted work time so i have shut myself away from the world except a little coffee here and there to keep me sane and catch up with friends who visit from back home.

i have been working on the printed book of illustrations 'in search of invisible cities'. here are some pictures of aine helping me cut the large printed sheet down to long strips which i then folded for the book. i then decided to make individual covers for the books to make them like an artwork and also to make them original and special. i think special things are very important and i want to take the time to make the work more special.

and a little shot of my studio table with beautiful flowers that only cost 99p and make my studio days so much brighter!


Aine Cassidy said...

I'm impressed. It looks like a lovely big blanket!

straight from the den said...

like the production line. how much are you selling the books for? would like to buy one xxx

Jenny Capon said...

blimey mrs! looking amazing!