Tuesday, 9 March 2010


i have been making work for the art shop in wales this week. i do not have much time to finish them all, but it is good for me to have such a short dead line. i printed my stencil cut screen images which worked to a degree... i have learnt a lot through the process, but i need to start again really and make them better. luckilly i stitched lots of things over dodgey areas.

the colour chart is up on the wall in my studio. i made it when i did a botanical drawing class with andrew seward. i often refer to it to make or match a colour.

today is cold so i am listening to brahms. i loooove brahms. it's so dramatic!

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Anonymous said...

hey.... i kinda like the "scratchy" nature of the printed houses. it adds to the rainy mood.
i like!