Tuesday, 2 March 2010

stencils and sneaky view of show


the show opens tonight. i thought i would give you a sneaky preview, maybe to convince you to get on down to see it and share in some vino blanco. also here is some pictures of the studio. i made a little box from an old book to house some bits and bobs, i found some great old post cards in some books that mum's friend gave me. the bull and the eyes are from one of the books. the huevos rancheros is a purely over indulgent photo to show off my new spanish dishes bought at chef's hat in south melbourne. i was trying to recreate a dish that i had with jess on the weekend at innocent bystander. yum.

the stencil is done now and so is the cycling man. i now need to go and buy some laquer thinners to apply them. i am putting it off because i hate stinky messy chemicals. i should have bought the orange film... too late, it's all cut now!


Thomas Flintham said...

Hey Lizzie,

It looks really great! Hope it goes really well, im sure it will. We are sad we can't make it. Have a good night


Aine Cassidy said...

the panel is looking ace :)