Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tasmania and Quilts

I was in Tasmania on the weekend. Can't say why yet, but my friend and collaborator Aden and I spent lots of time in and around Salamanca and Sullivan's cove. It was beautiful there but so cold. Lucky I found a japara for $15 in the oppy! So many great opp-shops down there! I didn't capture the beauty of Tas in these pictures, but I will be heading back again in a few weeks.

I came home to a lovely warm house in Melbourne and little A who is particularly snugly this time of year! The fabric was acquired for a friend's commissioned baby quilt. It was hard to choose but after being in Tasmania I decided to reference the lush greens and little St. Ives-esque villages, country cottage feel. The boat/cottage fabric is a liberty and the others compliment well to make it lovely and fresh looking.

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Henrietta said...

This will be a beautiful quilt, Eliz. I can see what might evolve from the combination of spots and the harbour print. Enjoy!

Dreaming about quilting & sending you my love.