Wednesday, 11 August 2010

goings on diary

It has been a crazy little old month since I last posted. I can't believe it have been so long...
So I can talk about what I have been up to now! Aden Narkowicz and I have been commissioned to create interactive artistic content for an external lighting structure at the Princes Wharf development site in Hobart. It is pretty exciting! More to come soon...

Aden and I were also lucky enough to get a residency at the art school in Hobart, which is perfectly located across the way from the site of the project.
This is our incredible studio.
And the deserted bus ride into Hobart from the mountain.
It's nice to be back in Melbourne at the moment and working on the project from here as well as my own work and hanging out with pupski (as featured with his mates in Warrandyte.) I have been working on some new sewn collages that I started down in Hobart. I am looking at Wardian cases and filing them with strange objects like paper planes and clouds. I like that idea that settlers not only brought plants over to Australia in these portable glass houses, they also brought ideals and ways of thinking.
These are just works in progress.

I have decided to revisit this painting too. I need to finish it! I like the black but my thoughts are that I might paint over it in a soft greeny white... any thoughts?

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