Monday, 16 November 2009

trying to start again

back in the studio in melbourne, garage studio. nothing works, the scanner, the printer, the internet. i feel a bit lost but with a million ideas... so i am sorry, there are no good pictures to go with this post (the camera is out of battery too, so i have snapped some journal pages on the photo booth thingy). finding ones feet after being away so long is hard, but we'll get there. one day at a time. once i can work ut all the technologies i want to scan all of my journal and make it into an online book... be patient ok!


Thomas Flintham said...

Hooray the blog return of Lizzie. Im looking forward to the online version of your journal, and these are good teasers. I really like the bottom one. Good stuff skip. Tom

straight from the den said...

these are nice, look forward to seeing more :)