Sunday, 28 February 2010

things and things

hello friends... well last week was a big week, and this week is the big show... the show at brunswick street gallery went really well. lots of great work in the exhibition. i was really happy with how mine was hung. great frames by grate designs, (thanks guys!)

the dickerson show should be great. you can preview the work now, click here.  you should come along if you can, 6pm wednesday 3rd.

in the studio today i have been unwrapping eco-printed scarves and finishing presents for mothers and doing some drawing. a few of these pics are from the other day when i cut out my whole story logo from some really great rubber which you can get in the frankston art shop (thanks pamela), but i am sure a lot of other places sell it too.

'whole story' is the name i am going to use for my screen printed designs. the boy on the bike and the shops are my first designs to get stuck on screens... i will give you up dates as i get them going! the shops are half cut already. i am using foteco green stencil film, easy as butter to cut... lets hope it sticks!

i've been making clothes too, doing a class at amitie. it is such a wonderful skills. this brown floral was given to me by pamela (thanks again!) and i have made it the detail of the shirt depicted in the pattern, the one on the left.

the dog's name is kai. he is my families dog... he like to sit outside the studio and check in on me every now and then. a dog of my own is arriving next week... he will be my studio buddiy... more photos to come soon!!


Thomas Flintham said...

Hey Lizzie,

These all looks and sounds great! The two pictures at the very top are full of all kinds of swishness. Is the bookshop picture a one off or part of a story? Good stuff, more pics please.

Also exciting news about your dog!



Jenny Capon said...

Hey! Can't wait to see your screen prints.. And your DOG! How exciting.. Good luck for the show jx

Aine Cassidy said...

really cool Lizzie. Love the shops

Anonymous said...

hello lovely one
lots of things....
i love the shopfront - it oozes nostalgia and makes me long for hours and hours in a favourite bookshop
a DOG.... woo hoo - who, what, where from, colour, breed, age, he? she? HOW ridiculously exciting!
the mug with the b&w house scene - your illo's? can i talk to you about decals? i've had an idea!!!
you have way too much milk in your t/coffee!!!
i might b able to make it to the exhibition - it will involve panadeine forte - some things are just worth it though!!!
love ya
miss ya
come visit....

Henrietta said...

lizzie - like everyone else, i must say EXCITING - DOG! when, how, where... let us know!

GOOD LUCK FOR TONIGHT! thinking of you buddy. can't wait to see the exhib when i'm home next week. my dad's seeing your show on the weekend.

all love xxx