Wednesday, 30 June 2010

studio love

It has been a big week and weekend. there is a lot going on at the moment... mostly fun things really. i have been doing lots of driving lately. a weekend down in Somers for a wonderful dinner party at a friend's house. we went for a soggy beach walk and i visited Pamela who wowed me with her scarf eco-printed with eucalyptus cinerea! The reddest red i have ever seen!

The explorer you see here is a quick snap of the etching plate with a fantastic aquatint thanks to Jennifer's wonderful studio in Red Hill.

The top pics are my studio and the one's below 'Melbourne' are of Laura's studio... I hope you don't mind Laura! I went to Laura's studio on the weekend too for a little craft day. I was mostly in awe of all the beautiful things to look at.


Henrietta said...

All looks lovely Lizzie. Atticus too looks very content. Enjoy Tasmania this weekend! Look forward to hearing what you're plotting... xxx

Anonymous said...

the aquatint looks great xo